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Information Technology Services




 Automated Reporting Systems

 Used internally or delivered to client


 Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly


 Customized Software Development

 Database Query / Reporting Applications


 Database Design and Documentation


Secondary Data Analysis:


Managed Care Data Sources



 IMS Xponent PlanTrak Monthly/Weekly Physician-Level Product/Plan Code NRx/TRx Prescribing Data


 IMS Master Plan Files, which Link Plan Codes to Payment Type, PBM, and Model


 Wolters Kluwer Monthly Product Health Plan/PBM Claims Data at National, Subnational Levels:†


 Approvals, Rejections, Reversals, Substitutions, Average Co-Pay, Average Patient Pay


 Reasons for Rejection


 Drug Substitutions


 Approvals by Co-Pay Range and Patient Pay Range


 Fingertip Formulary Monthly Health Plan Lives Covered, PBM Association, Co-Pay/Co-Insurance by Tier, and Product Formulary Status




Secondary Data Analysis:


Therapeutic Area Experience



 Central Nervous System:

 Antidepressants, Sedative Hypnotics, Atypicals, Anticonvulsants, Stroke Ameliorators, Multiple Sclerosis Treatment, Alzheimerís



 Lipid-lowering, Anti-hypertensives, Anti-arrhythmics, Anti-anginals, Anti-platelets


 Gastrointestinal Drugs:

 PPIs, H2s

 Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement, Ulceritis Colitis Treatment




 Insulin and Oral Diabetes Drugs


 Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


 Allergy Treatment


 Anti-infectives and Anti-fungals


 Womenís Healthcare:

 Hormone Therapy, Hormonal Contraceptives, Osteoporosis Treatment, Fertility Drugs




 Pain Management:

 Opioids, Analgesics, Anesthetics, Migraine Treatment, Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)


 Disease-modifying Antirheumatic Drugs (DMARDs) and Biologics








 Hemophilia A/B




Secondary Data Analysis:


† General Data Sources



 IMS Xponent Physician-level Monthly/Weekly Prescribing Data


 Wolters Kluwer Source Prescriber Physician-level Monthly/Weekly Prescribing Data


 IMS DDD Zip Outlet-level Monthly Sales/Unit Data


 Wolters Kluwer Source Non-Retail Monthly Sales/Unit Data


 SMG/SDI Hospital Information


 AMR Hospital Antibiotic and Antifungal Data


 AMA Physician Demographic Files


 Territory Alignment Files


 Internal Physician-level Detail and Sample Files


 Internal Target Lists; Participants in Promotions


 IMS Physician-Level Monthly/Weekly Patient/Source of Business Data


 UNOS Transplant Patient Data


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