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Automated Reporting Systems

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Sample Report Types

- Weekly/Monthly Executive Summary Reports

- Detailed Monthly Field Representative Reports

- Detailed Weekly Managed Care Reports

Benefits of Automated Reporting


- Increase Efficiency (reports at the click of a button)

- Reduce Human Error (computer follows same procedure every time)

- Eliminate Mundane Tasks (let the computer do it)

Operating Components & Environment

- Automated Reporting System Components:

-† Raw input data often in Excel-Compatible format

- Weekly/Monthly NPA+

- Weekly/Monthly PlanTrak Managed Care Data

- Internal Sales Data, Internal Detail Data

-† Excel data model organizes data from multiple sources

-† Excel/Power Point reports graphically depict data

-† Automation Application with user-friendly interface

- Transforms raw input data into Excel & Power Point reports with the click of a button


† - Utilizes MS Office, SQL Server, and other databases

† - Runs on customer laptops/desktops

† - Merges data from internal and external sources

Sample User Interface


Sample PPT Report